"The children gravitate to staff for cuddles and to ask for help and support, which staff members are always willing to give."

Ofsted  Report 2014

We have eight highly experienced and qualified members of staff. Our group is a member of the
Pre-School Learning Alliance. We are also Ofsted inspected and approved.

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Have you done anything at playgroup today?

How does a child bring home in his hand the pleasure he had from playing  with sand?
Has he asked you to share the wonder he felt
As he watched some ice cubes gradually melt?
The excitement of sailing the climbing frame boat
The achievement of fastening the buttons on his coat?
Did he tell you he spread butter on his toast for a snack,
Then washed up the cups and plates – filling the rack.
He sat quietly and listened at story time,
And was keen to join in when we learnt a new rhyme.
He pummelled and prodded and pounded the dough
Then he showed he could walk round the room on tip toe
He persevered to finish a puzzle, quite hard.
So he hasn’t had time to make you a card.
He came over and watched some children sew, and thought perhaps next time he’d have a go.
His experiences gained were richer by far
Than tissue paper flowers in a yoghurt pot jar.
When your child is cutting and glueing,
Its not the result that matters, but the doing.
So next time, don’t ask him to explain
Why he’s not done a painting or a model again.
And when you pick him up, please try not to say
“Haven’t you done anything at playgroup today?”