Starting Pre-School is an exciting and special moment, but there may be some questions you need answering.


Can I use work place vouchers?
Yes.  We already have existing arrangements with several vouchers providers, but will be happy to open registrations with new providers if required.

How many ‘free’ hours do I get?
Currently, 15 hours of govt funded preschool sessions are available when your child reaches 3 year of age.  Some 2 year old funding is available but depends on your domestic circumstances and family income.

Can I have more than 15 hours at pre school?
Yes. Sessions over and above 15 hours are charged at the session rate of £12.00.

What time can I drop off and pick up my child?
Drop off time is 9am.  You will be asked to sign-in your child.  Pick-up time is either 12.00 mid-day or 3.30pm.  If you need to collect your child at any other time you must make arrangements with the Leader.

What should I do if I am delayed picking-up my child?
If you think you are going to be late, you must ring pre-school and notify the Leader.  

What if I have to send someone else to pick up my child?
If you arrange for someone else to pick up on your behalf, you must let the Leader know in advance.  If that person is not known to us we will not release the child until we have spoken to you and checked their authorisation.  We may need ID from than person.

Does my child need to be toilet trained; can I send them in nappies?
Your child does not need to be toilet trained however please send them in pull-ups not nappies.  We will change them at pre school if required but you will need to supply pull-ups, wipes and nappy bags.  Please leave these in your child’s spare clothes bag (provided) which hangs on their coat peg.

If my child is ill and cannot attend do I need to let pre-school know?
Yes please. Just ring or send us a text on 0775 993 7556.

What happens if my child becomes ill during a session? 
If your child becomes ill during a session the Leader will ring you on your emergency number and ask you to collect the child as soon as possible.

Can I change my sessions or add to them once my child has started?
We try very hard to fit in with parents wishes.  You can certainly add sessions on if we have the vacancies, sometimes it is possible and sometimes it is not, but if we can we will.

If my child is on medication what do I do?
If you have given your child any kind of medication before coming to pre-school you must let us know.  You will be asked to complete and sign a form at drop-off time. If your child is on regular daily medication you must let us know when you register the child.   Depending on the medication and its application it may require our staff to have special training, so we need to know in advance so that we can give your child the best possible care.