There are a few essential items that we need you to bring to             pre-school to ensure your child is happy and safe.


Every child has a named coat hook on which hangs a red draw-string bag. This can be used to store some of the things listed below. 


Everyday items, which need to be with your child all year round:


  • Full set of spare clothes including underwear, vest and socks.
  • Baby wipes and pull ups (just for your child) if your child is not yet toilet trained.
  • We provide wellington boots for splashing in puddles or water play.


Summer months

  • Sun cream which we can apply for outdoor play (just for your child).
  • Sun hat for outdoor play.


Winter Months

  • Winter coat for outdoor play. 
  • Winter hat for outdoor play.
  • Mittens for outdoor play (we advise parents to bring mittens instead of gloves, because they are easier and quicker to pop on.